Civil / Business Law


Civil/Business Law

“Civil Law” is the practice of law dealing with civil controversies in all areas of substantive law. Our firm can assist our clients prior to and during litigation in state courts, federal courts, administrative agencies, and arbitrators. In addition to actual pretrial and trial process, “civil trial law” includes evaluating, handling, and resolving civil controversies prior to the initiation of suit. We believe that one of the most integral parts of our representation is helping clients avoid and resolve disputes before they reach the point of litigation.

“Business Law” is the practice of law dealing with the legal issues arising from commercial and business relationships including litigation of controversies arising from those relationships. “Business litigation law” includes evaluating, handling and resolving such controversies before state courts, federal courts, administrative agencies, mediators, and arbitrators.

Family Law covers a wide range of civil issues involving the family such as, divorces, legal name changes, visitation modifications and much more. Our firm provides zealous representation of our clients while maintaining a high level of compassion that is required for theses delicate matters.
When starting a new business, there are many decisions to be made. One of the most important decisions will be what type of business formation to establish. Our attorneys will take the time to understand the structure that you are envisioning for your business and make a recommendation of what would be the most beneficial to your business endeavor. The usual entities that we create are LLCs, Corporations (both S-Corp and C-Corp) and Partnerships. Our office can prepare all of the legal documents and get them filed with the appropriate governmental agencies to legally create and organize the new business entity.
We are uniquely situated to assist financial institutions with their legal issues as both Norm and Blake Fugate began their careers in the banking industry. This experience provides an in depth understanding of all areas of the financial institution, including operations, loans, investments and compliance.
Norm D. Fugate, P.A. offers representation to our clients for civil matters as well. Some of the civil litigation that we handle frequently is contract disputes and enforcement, monetary judgments and enforcement, foreclosures and landlord/tenant issues. Our firm has a strong support staff that allows us to handle a diverse set of cases efficiently and effectively.