Local Government Law


Government Law

“City, County and Local Government Law” is the practice of law dealing with legal issues of county, municipal or other local governments, such as, but not limited to, special districts, agencies and authorities, including litigation in the federal and state courts and before administrative agencies; the preparation of laws, ordinances and regulations; and the preparation of legal instruments for or in behalf of city, county and local governments.  Norm D. Fugate specializes in this area of law and is the only attorney in our tri-county area to be Board Certified in this area of law.

Our firm represents Local Government Bodies in our area. By having local counsel on retainer, our clients reap a multitude of benefits that can not be offered by larger firms in bigger cities remote to our area. In addition to local governments, we offer representation of other governmental bodies, either on a continual or situational basis.
Norm D. Fugate, P.A. is familiar with the local laws and regulations relating to zoning and zoning changes. Our experience can be put to work representing our clients through the process of a zoning change or in appealing a zoning decision.
There are a multitude of issues that could arise with the use of a client’s real property within a certain zoning designation. From helping to answer questions about the appropriateness of certain types of land use, to assisting clients in the process of applying for and receiving variances or special use permits, our firm has the experience to facilitate all of our client’s needs in the area of land use law.
Our firm can assist developers in the process of initiating, advancing or managing legal issues that arise during real estate development projects of any nature or scope. We can help navigate the red tape that seems to bog down projects and keep the project as efficient and economically feasible as possible for our clients.